Catherine Jauniaux / eRikm — Mal Des Ardents / Pantoneon mikroton cd 21 | 22


eRikm turntables, electronics, live sampling, architect lamp
Catherine Jauniaux voice, bird call, cupule, cazoo

In the begining, there are stories, sometimes dark, told by Catherine Jauniaux. With stunning ease, she invents imaginary conversations where several protagonists spring from deep in her throat, like rabbits out of a hat, like actors from Japanese Noh theatre.

eRikm’s electronic sounds fuse and infiltrate hers creating an unsettling environment – clearing the way or tangling it up in a sound skin.

A skillful and fragile performance, tinted with surealism, plumb up and yet close on the edge!

Ah, if all the cabarets in the world!..