Kurt Liedwart / Phil Raymond — Rim mikroton cd 45


Kurt Liedwart lloopp, electronics, percussion
Phil Raymond computer, percussion

Phil Raymond lives in Moscow and has been working with microlevels of sound for ten years. In 2009 he worked mainly with electroacoustic manipulations of percussion using different methods of computer processing and recording. "Rim" is his second recording released by Mikroton family of labels following critically acclaimed "Absence" released by Mikroton Digital in 2008.

In 2009 he joined his forces with Kurt Liedwart, a Moscow-based musician and curator of Mikroton Recordings. Phil submitted his recordings of percussion and Liedwart reworked them live adding more sounds of his own like processed percussion, sinewaves and quiet noises.

"Rim" comprises five distinct pieces, sometimes warm and comfortable, sometimes making the listener find out new perspectives. Liedwart created inventive systems of sound matters, working with both percussion and electronics, carefully adapting other musician's materials.