Serge Baghdassarians / Boris Baltschun / Burkhard Beins — Future Perfect mikroton cd 49


Serge Baghdassarians mixing desk, delays, electric guitar
Boris Baltschun computer, sampler
Burkhard Beins percussion, zither

The three gentlemen formed a live performing electroacoustic work unit throughout the first decade of this century, exploring hybrid musical areas shaped by digitized samples, analogue circuits and acoustically produced sounds stemming from a diverse range of materials and objects. This first phase has been documented on the "Labor" compilation (Charhizma, 2003) and on their trio release "Zur Stabilen Stützung Eines Körpers Ist Es Notwendig, Dass Er Mindestens Drei Auflagepunkte Hat, Die Nicht In Einer Gerade Liegen" (Absinth Records, 2006).

Although the group ceased to perform live a while ago, they nevertheless continued their collaboration by relocating their work entirely into the studio. Single sound events — either derived from close-miked objects, instrumental or electronic sources — became starting points for elaborate collective multi-track pieces. Three of those, grouped as a triptych, are made available now on "Future Perfect".