Cilantro: Angélica Castelló & Billy Roisz — Borderland mikroton cd 53


Angélica Castelló paetzold, ukulele, organ, tapes, electronics
Billy Roisz electric bass, organ, tv, piezzo, computer, electronics

A debut release by Cilantro, an Austrian duo of Angélica Castelló and Billy Roisz, two active persons in experimental music in Österreich. They already appeared on our label in 2014 on Scuba with Burkhard Stangl and dieb13, SQID with Mario de Vega, Attila Faravelli, and Burkhard Stangl, Feedback: Order From Noise compilation in 2014 and on 10 Jahre Bessere Farben compilation in 2009.

Cilantro presents a world full of enigmas, labyrinths, sometimes abrasive, sometimes ecstatic, a complex and delicate subjectivity. Recorded in a basement in Podersdorf am See, a resort Austrian area, it conjures dark resonances of the space waking up memories hidden inside. "Borderland" deals with blurry edges of contradictory matters coming together and they put under scrutiny the activity in bordering areas between noise and silence, tenderness and rudeness, beat and drone, inner consciousness and outer awareness, control and freedom, forming the pieces by pulling the lever between structure and chaos, beauty and ugliness, demonstrating a thrilling display of human and technological interplay.